To The World Of Hospitality & Entrepreneurship



To The World Of Hospitality & Entrepreneurship

The next 5 week training program dates to be announced.

Hospitality Training and Workforce Development

Hill Food Service Consulting, Inc workforce programs offers hospitality sector trainings, job placement opportunities, information on innovating technologies and industry standards, and the skills necessary for the contemporary workplace.

Hospitality Courses

IBHE Approved Programs

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Food & Sanitation Certification Class (1st Friday every month)

(5-Week Training Program)

The next 5 week training classes for IBHE  programs will be announced soon. Please contact the office at 312-585-3971 for orientation details.


  • HFC Programs are approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education  and is in compliance with the Private Business and Vocational Schools Act of 2012
  • HFC has 7 IBHE approved programs Event Planning and Catering, Food Service Manager, Hospitality and Service Industry, Lodging Manager, Retail Supervisor, Restaurant Management and Illinois Liquor Control Commission.
  • HFC has the ability to bring the training to the agency and provide onsite training
  • Over 16,000 scholars certified to date
  • HFC has a dedicated career services department that places HFC’s clients in permanent employment
  • HFC is a certified training and testing center for the National Restaurant Association, National Retail Federation and American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute

Successful Training Programs and Workforce Solutions

Our training programs and workforce solutions are successful because they are conducted by experienced dynamically creative and innovative professionals connected to professional training and employment opportunities. HFC provides outstanding training and permanent job placement assistance for a diverse client base.

Hill Foodservice Consulting has certified more than 16,000 scholars to date and have assisted many of its scholars in the pursuit of gainful employment in the Hospitality, Retail and Service industries. HFC continues to be a leader in contextualized training solutions that turn ‘book bags into briefcases’ and appeal to individuals who embrace alternative learning and teaching styles and seek opportunities to gain transferable skills and long-term employment.

Accordingly, whether its hospitality, retail customer service, food service or lodging you seek, HFC can help you reach your goals and desired outcomes. By becoming one of our scholars, you can take the first step towards reaching your goals now! We’ll see you in your meeting.