“The style and teaching style used was excellent!! The class was entertaining and informative. The class moved along quickly and all the material covered was relevant to the class. Brian Hill utilized a teaching style that I had never experienced. The content, although very important, could be considered dull. The instructor found a way to make his lesson very penetrating. He was energetic and interesting, and was very clear in giving examples of how the content effects the students more personally.”

“Mr. Hill had en excellent way of teaching the course as clearly and thorough as he could. He was very knowledgeable about sanitation and gave personal experiences as examples. I felt that by him giving personal experiences really helped contribute to my learning because he was able to put the information to reality instead of just teaching from a text book.”

“Normally I’d skip this part of the evaluation. Instead, I want to make sure that you know Brian Hill could be the most talented instructor I have had in all my years in school (four different universities including Kendall). First, it is obvious that this man loves his job. He was energetic from the start and empowered his students from the moment class began. Second, I’ve never seen as much participation from the students in a class as I did when in Mr. Hill’s classroom. It was exciting to see everyone participating in class. Who would have ever thought I’d find a sanitation class exciting?! Imagine what this man could do with an interesting topic!! Third, he promoted higher-level understanding by making sure the class had understanding of the topic, not just a short-term memorization that would be forgotten after the class is over. He used very effective teaching methods, which allowed a classroom of thirty-four people to assimilate twelve chapters of material into long-term memory in two days. I never thought that would be possible. If I get a say in the type of instructors I would like to see at any school, I can safely say hire more people like Mr. Hill.”