Veterans Administration/Participant Responsibilities
Standards of Progress – During the training program, students will be evaluated once per week to document progress. This will include attendance, completion of assignments and standardized examination scores/course grades calculated on a numeric scale of 1-100 and issued as a letter grade A (90-100), B (80-89), C (70-79), D (60-69) F (below 60). Certifications may only be granted once the participant has passed the industry standard examination.

Participants who do not pass a certification examination are allowed one re-take of the examination within the week after a passing score has not been achieved. If a program participant fails an examination, HFC administration will notify that participant in writing and schedule the retrain/retake of the examination.

HFC will maintain program participant progress forms weekly that include all attendance and academic progress information. Program participants may not advance within the program unless they have passed the prior week’s certification, or successfully passed a retake examination if one has been taken. Thus, program participants must maintain good academic standing and regular attendance to continue in the program. Program participants who experience difficulty with attendance or academic achievement will be notified immediately in writing during the weekly evaluation.

Please note, Veterans Administration reserves the right to adjust funding for participants per compliance with the attendance and academic achievement policies as stated. Program participants who do not maintain regular attendance and good academic standing may be dismissed from the program. Good standing is defined as daily attendance to all classes and program activities as well as successful completion of each week’s academic program requirements and successful certification examination completion with a passing score.

Any unexcused absence during the program will immediately generate a written warning notification. Unexcused absences are defined as any class or class related activity that is not attended without prior knowledge and or permission.

HFC will review and evaluate previous credit and or training for new program participants.





Participants who withdraw ten (10) days prior to the first day of classes (unless specified otherwise) will not be charged program costs and/or tuition, but will incur an administrative cancellation fee of $100.  See the Refund Schedule for additional details.  For non-voucher programming, no tuition refund will be given for any reasons after the first day of class.


For Voucher and some third party or agency paid programming, no tuition refund will be given for any reason after the first (1) day of class unless other contractual agreements have been made prior to the start of registration. Vouchers will not be submitted to third party agencies for students who do not begin programs. Note: Refund may be defined as non-submission of program costs or tuition payment vouchers.  Funding vouchers may not under any circumstances be submitted for cash refunds by program participants.  


No refunds will be allowed for lectures, workshops and seminars and others as assigned.


No refunds of tuition and/or fees will be issued for classes with no-show withdrawals (NSW or NS1’s). Participants will be held accountable for the full payment of tuition and fees of NSW/NS1 courses.  Federal financial aid cannot be used to cover the cost of NSW/NS1 classes.  Participants who do not attend the first day of class will be automatically withdrawn.   


A. Classes scheduled for one week or less:  No excused absences.

B. Classes scheduled for five weeks:  A maximum of (3) excused absences.

C. Classes scheduled for more than five weeks:  A maximum of (6) excused absences.

During all programming guest speakers, field trips and other external learning experiences will not be repeated or rescheduled.

**Activities missed on days of absence will not be available for rescheduling.  It is expected that you will attend all classes scheduled as some activities will not be announced as part of the program track. Every day is a mandatory class even if excused.

** Participants who do not attend the first class session of any course, which meets only once per week, will be considered No-Show (NSW) and withdrawn from class.

**Important information is provided during the Orientation.  All participants must attend the orientation.  If participants miss the orientation and/or first day of class you will need to reschedule for the next program session.

** Participants who do not attend the first class session of any course, which meets only once per week, will be considered No-Show (NSW) and withdrawn from class.



Participants may cancel a class at any time.  However in order to receive a tuition credit and/or refund, the assigned schedule must be followed based upon the term in which participants are registering. All class withdrawals must be presented in writing and signed by the participant to the Registrar’s Office at least ten (10) business days prior to the start of the first day of class unless otherwise specified.  Please note not all classes are eligible for a refund.  This policy applies specifically and only to long programs such as multiple week trainings such as Retail Manager, Food Service Manager, Hospitality and Service Industry, Event Planning and Catering, Book Keeping and Hotel Manager and all other Veterans Administration certified programs.  Individuals enrolled in training programs via Veterans funding may not receive cash refunds under any circumstances. The Veterans Administration may be refunded for students who withdrawal or are exited from the program based upon the week of enrollment achieved.  I.E. each week is prorated at $1000.00 per week per student.  Should a student leave the program, the VA will be refunded the remaining balance of full weeks remaining in the program.  Such as a student leaving during week three of a five-week program, the VA will be refunded for two full weeks at approximately $2,000.00 or $1000.00 per week.  HFC does not bill prior to the student starting a program.  Single full day training programs such as Alcohol Awareness or Food Service Sanitation are not eligible for refund once the training has begun.

Short programs and single certification classes such as two day customer service or food service sanitation classes are nonrefundable.  However, in extreme cases HFC may reschedule individuals for a future training as determined appropriate.


All program fees, tuition, and registration for VA training courses are billed after the start of the training course selected.


All certificates and licenses are sanctioned by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation; Department of Public Health; State of Illinois Foodservice Sanitation; American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute, Department of Public Health City of Chicago. ANSI and the National Retail Federation.  All Programs are approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education Division of Business and Vocational Schools.

Refund Schedule:

Should the student’s enrollment be terminated or should the student withdraw for any reason, all refunds will be made according to the following refund schedule:

  1. For all Veterans programs, if a student does not begin class, HFC will not bill the Veterans Administration.   Under no circumstances are cash refunds given to students from VA payments.
  2. HFC does not provide refunds due to student withdraw due to expulsion. Expulsion may result via any unlawful activity, academic cheating or any actions that endanger students and staff inclusive of insubordinate behavior.
  3. Veterans Administration Refunds as stated in the Refund Policy section are done based upon the number of full weeks remaining in a participant training course. This is prorated by the week.
  4. For Cash pay students enrolled in long programs, HFC will refund the remaining full weeks balance unused within two weeks of withdraw from the program.
  5. Under extreme circumstances such as severe illness or family catastrophe HFC may excuse a student from training and allow them to re-enter another cohort at a later date once the student is able with no additional charge to student.  This policy applies for both voucher and cash pay students in long programs.  *long programs are defined as 5 week training programs.